A Moving Child IS a Learning Child


Course Tutor - Gill Connell

This course is Moving Smart 101 and based on the text A Moving Child Is a Learning Child (Connell; McCarthy)

Movement is at the heart and at the start of how the brain develops, determining how children think, feel, behave, and learn.

The workshop takes a “here’s why/here’s how” approach to bringing the story of movement to life for educators, classroom aides, child care professionals, and parents.

It begins with a practical understanding of the science behind all those wiggles and giggles. We explore the role movement plays in early brain development, the reasons why nature prioritizes movement in the developmental chain of events, and how movement prepares children cognitively, socially, emotionally, and of course, physically for the rigors of formal learning.

Specifically, topics touched on will include:

  1. Movement and the brain - how movement and the brain develop from conception
  2. Midline – coordinated movement; how it develops and helps with reading, writing, learning and physical coordination
  3. Kinetic Scale – introducing the food pyramid for movement. What are the ingredients of a balanced physical diet
  4. Automaticity – developing the body first
  5. Resources and putting it into practice.



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