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Movement is at the heart and at the start of how the brain develops, determining how children think, feel, behave, and learn.

Teachers of new entrant and junior classes are noticing that children are entering school and formal learning less prepared than ever before. Behaviours such as immature pencil grip, concentration and ability for the eyes to track when reading, self-organisation around the classroom, sitting still, immature letter formation and reversals (to name but a few) are becoming more and more prevalent. These physical foundations underpin success in the classroom and if not developed, can distract children from their learning.

The PMP programme helps develop these important readiness skills through fun, sequential movement activities. They are carefully structured to develop children at their own developmental stage. As well, the programme is language based giving children exposure to directional language needed for the classroom.

Teachers also gain valuable ongoing diagnostic information that includes specific developmental areas to focus on for each individual child.

PMP is an integrated programme that includes many of the areas of the current curriculum. It is a holistic approach to learning.

Many teachers comment that implementing PMP requires time they don’t have in the daily demands of the classroom. However, the opposite is often true as automating the physical foundations that underpin learning success will provide more time for curriculum subjects like reading, maths and language.

The programme is for Year 0 – 3. Some schools also run a remedial session for children who have some coordination requirements.





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