MSPMP Module 1 Here’s Why Philosophy



Module 1 - Here’s why children need a perceptual motor programme

This module begins with a practical understanding of the science behind all those wiggles and giggles.

We explore the role movement plays in early brain development, the reasons why nature prioritises movement in the developmental chain of events, and how movement prepares children cognitively, socially, emotionally, and of course, physically for the rigours of formal learning.

Moving Smart’s perceptual motor programme - MSPMP uses the Moving Smart Kinetic Scale as a foundation. This means children attending MSPMP will experience a well-balanced physical diet every time they participate. A deep dive in to understanding the Kinetic Scale takes up a big part of this module.

READING THE MOVESAs well, we cover the movement messages children in our classrooms are sending us.  Children who are…

  • Chair tippers
  • Ear muffers
  • Eye rubbers
  • Clumsy
  • Pencil breakers
  • Hand swappers
  • Fist writers
  • Wrigglers and fidgeters
  • Distracted learners

Learn why children need a perceptual motor programme and how MSPMP can help your learners in this 2-hour online session.

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