PMP ONLINE TRAINING May 6th and 13th. 3.30pm to 5.30pm


$209.00 includes 2 x 2 hour sessions.

2 hours – Philosophy of a PMP programme 

              * Rationale for Perceptual Motor Programmes
              * Movement and the brain – how movement and the brain develop from conception
               *Automaticity – developing the body first
               *Eye tracking and its importance in the classroom
               *Vestibular development – how balance helps with concentration
               *Proprioception – how understanding body mapping helps children  in the classroom
               *Midline – how it develops and helps with reading, writing, learning and physical coordination

2 hours – Implementing the PMP programme

              *How to run floor sessions
              * How to run equipment sessions
              * How to implement language followup
* How to evaluate your PMP programme
* Resources you will need

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