PMP Training Course


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Movement is at the heart and at the start of how the brain develops, determining how children think, feel, behave, and learn. 

Perceptual Motor Programmes (PMP) helps children develop the physical foundations necessary for self-management and success in the classroom. 

Whether you’re just introducing PMP into your school, or you already have the programme up and running, this course will enable you and your team to understand the of the objectives, benefits, applications, and teaching techniques of PMP.

This 6 hour course includes:

  • Rationale for Perceptual Motor Programmes
  • Skill techniques
  • Floor sessions
  • Memory training
  • Developing language through the programme
  • Evaluation procedures
  • Practical activities
  • Screening tests
  • Equipment resources needed to set up Resources

This course is suitable for Teachers; Parent Helpers; Special Needs Teachers; SENCOs; RTLBs; O.Ts and all wanting to improve children’s motor development.


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